Going into the World of Peace and Life

Peace and Life Zone (PLZ) Festival

DMZ, Standing at a Crossroads

The DMZ, once called the land of war wounds, is being reborn as a land of life and healing, and an ecological treasure trove. As peace begins to take hold on the Korean Peninsula, the eyes of the world are trained on the DMZ. We have seen the first step toward peace and the image of the DMZ is changing. It is becoming a land of peace rather than a land of wounds, scars and war.

The current global crises in politics, economy, culture, society and environment can only be solved by our efforts to create peace and a sensitivity to life. We are standing at a historic crossroads. It is time to look back and reflect on the past and decide whether the DMZ will become a site of rampant development or a symbolic place of peace and life.

Dreaming of the Peace and Life Zone

The PLZ Festival is a global cultural movement aimed at turning the DMZ into “a land of peace and life” through music. Art represents life and has always been a source of inspiration. Classical music, in particular, is an important medium that can remind people of the preciousness of life and peace, and deliver the message “from DMZ to PLZ.” Alongside the PLZ Festival, the PLZ Forum for Ecozoic Era 2019 will also be held.

Harmony and Peace to the World through Gangwon-do

The PLZ Festival is based in Gangwon-do, a province located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean Peninsula. Yanggu County and Inje County, which are located near the border, are especially beautiful and not particularly well-known.

The PLZ Festival will hold various domestic and international events to showcase the significance of DMZ Korea and will continue to promote the importance of the DMZ through music in Korea and abroad.

Promoting peace,
life and hope through
transforming DMZ
to PLZ
  • Promoting PLZ Festivalas an Internationally Cultural Campaign
    In the future, the PLZ Festival will conduct international campaigns in regions that have experienced war as well as in communities that share the PLZ’s vision and mission. It will also promote international interest in the DMZ through the participation of international organizations, ambassadors to Korea and the UN Symphony Orchestra.
  • Hosting the International Conference on Ecozoic Culture for the Transition to Peace and Life
    In the midst of environmental crisis, the PLZ Festival will provide a platform for intellectual debate, the search for alternatives for the global community, and a message of life and peace.
  • Coexistence with Nature and Youth Involvement
    The DMZ's natural environment and our youth are important elements of our future, and the PLZ Festival will be a place for participation, education, reflection, and for all people to coexist with the natural world.
  • Making PLZ Festival Sustainable
    We will combine classical music and other genres of art which are in harmony with nature and become a sustainable art festival.
  • AddressThe Office of the PLZ Festival (Music for One Foundation) 3F, 1 Bukchonro 6 gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03056) South Korea