Going into the World of Peace and Life

Peace and Life Zone (PLZ) Festival

Dreaming of Peace and Life at DMZ

The PLZ Festival's concerts aim to change people's perception of the DMZ and to become a symbol of peace and life anywhere in the world scarred by wars, destruction, hatred and violence. It is my sincere hope that a meaningful change will begin in the hearts of the musicians and audience, and that everyone will take responsibility as the owner of the global village on issues that politics cannot solve.

“Music that touches people's hearts can move their minds.”

It is my hope that the PLZ Festival brings about change in the awareness of peace and life in the local community and the globe that can guide them to solve the future issues peacefully and harmoniously with nature.

Heartfelt thanks to Gangwon-do, Inje County and Yanggu County for sharing the mission and vision of the Festival and actively supporting us. I would also like to thank the National DMZ Native Botanical Garden and the ROK III Army Corps.

The PLZ Festival, which begins in the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula, dreams of a peace & life culture movement that will spread around the world. I am asking you to join us not only to enjoy the Festival but also to become agents who promote peace and life to the world in the future.

Thank you.

Mijung Im,
Art Director of the PLZ Festival
  • AddressThe Office of the PLZ Festival (Music for One Foundation) 3F, 1 Bukchonro 6 gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul (03056) South Korea